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Elite Missile Sinking Stickbait – 100g

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The Elite missile stickbait was one of the first ever hand made stickbaits we had in our shop. It has been one of the best well priced wooden stickbait to ever hit the market. In the last year, we have stopped production of these stickbaits and tweaked many areas to create an even better high quality product, but still for such a budget price. The Elite missile is a medium to fast sinking stickbait with our signature horizontal fall, which pelagic fish find irresistible and often creates the strike. The unique shape of the missile allows this lure to be worked in a variety of ways and can be used with a generous sweep of the rod, creating a nice “S” shape action, but also handles the lure to be worked aggressively with sharp twitches of the rod causing the most irresistible action to entice hungry predators. A great lure for chasing all pegalics including GT, Tuna, Kingfish etc. 

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