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Jigging - Light / Medium / Heavy

Jigging is one of the oldest lure fishing techniques and is known by many names such as speed jigging, mechanical jigging, deep jigging, vertical jigging, long drop jigging and many more. In the early 1990’s the jigging scene really took off through the advanced techniques of such Japanese anglers like Yoichi Mogo who were instrumental in developing amazing products to help target the biggest of apex predators on jigs like the infamous Dog Tooth Tuna. Since then the jigging world has come leaps and bounds and the products we have available today are incredible to say the least. Rods that are able to handle 100kg Tuna yet weigh less than 400g are just an example of what we have access to today. 

Long Drop or Vertical Jigs can come in many different shapes, sizes and weights. Traditionally they ‘fall’ faster than a flutter/butterfly jig due to their more slender body shape and design. They are made to fall quickly to the bottom with slight to moderate action on the drop. Generally this style of jig is worked fast through the water column to imitate injured or frantically fleeing bait fish trying to escape the jaws of predatory fish. It is extremely effective on such species like Dog Tooth Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Fin Tuna, Yellowtail King Fish, Trevally and many more.

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