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Stickbaiting / Surface Casting

Stick Baiting is a lure casting technique developed in Japan after the popping craze and was designed to emulate a bait fish on top or close to the water surface. Stick baits come in either a floating or sinking model. Basically they are manufactured to look like a elongated bait fish shape and traditionally the higher quality brands were hand made from timber.  They have no bib to create their movement, so their action is achieved by the anglers rod movement sweeping backwards which allows the lure to move in a ‘S’ shape motion when worked properly.

Stick Baits come in many shapes, sizes, colours and models to suit a variety of fishing locations and conditions. Some are better suited to calm water where as some are designed for when conditions are a lot rougher. Colours can make a big difference and quite often the angler will want to imitate the local bait fish that live in the area.

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