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Jigs - Slow Pitch

Slow Pitch Jigging originated in Japan many years ago but is relatively new to the world jigging scene especially in many Western countries. These speciality jigs are manufactured in many different shapes, sizes and weights. Slow pitch jigging is a very dedicated jigging method and requires specific rods, reels, line and leader to achieve the desired ‘slow pitch’ action. Traditionally the jigs are centre weighted and equally balanced to enable the jig to flutter/fall in the slowest possible way.

When choosing slow pitch jigs to suit your rods capabilities you will need to know what the jig weight range is for your rod. This is usually written on the rod blank. It is recommended to stay with in this weight range to get maximum performance of your rod so that it can impart the desired action to the jig your using. A lot of the time this will be trial and error as some jigs will require more action from your rod than others.

For further information you can contact us via email info@elitetackle.com.au or phone 0412 548 501 to help you work out a general jig weight range to suit your fishing needs.

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