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Jigging - Micro

Micro jigging is one of the latest styles of jigging to hit our sports fishing scene and even though it is still relatively new here in Australia it has been around for a very long time in many other countries. The reason why this method has become so popular is for many reasons. The typical small light micro jigs will often create a bite when the larger style jigs are not getting any interest. The fishing outfit used is generally lighter and ‘easier on the angler’ as apposed to the heavier standard long drop jigging method. Micro jigging also allows the angler to target fish in quite shallow water depths due its smaller presence and slower rate of fall. It is a common perception that most fish species can be enticed to feed on small bait fish but not always willing to accept larger offerings. 

Micro jigs come in many shapes and sizes and can weigh anywhere between 8g – 100g. These small jigs will usually have one side with a larger profile and the centre of gravity either at the top, middle or bottom. These different weight positions, as well as the shape of the jig body add to the sink rate and how the jig ‘flutters’ or ‘glides’ through the water. Jigs with the weight in the centre tend to more ‘flutter’ when dropped and have quite a wide slower action. Jigs with weight in the top or bottom will tend to sink faster and straighter and when retrieved have a bit more of a zig-zag action.

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