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Popping is the technique where a floating elongated circular shaped lure (traditionally timber) with a concave cup head at the tow point is cast long into the water where it will sit and float. Then with sharp strong strikes of a stiff tipped popping rod the lure will grab the surface water with its cup face and create a resistance at the front of the lure causing it to ‘pop’ and make a ‘blooping’ type noise. This will cause a splashing action and spray bubbles that is very irresistible to many predatory fish. This commotion on top of the water will often grab the attention of a predatory fish from down deep with in the water column and will often imitate a wounded bait fish.

Poppers come in many shapes and sizes and depending on the design some will hold better to the water surface in different sea conditions. Colours can make a difference but ultimately it is the ‘splash’ of the lure that will gain the attention of a waiting apex predator.

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