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Jigging is one of our dedicated speciality areas, so we are continually sourcing a wide variety of jigs from all over the world to cover all of your jigging needs from the standard long drop jigs right down to the small micro jigs as well as the increasingly popular slow pitch jigs. We also specialise in jigs that are designed for the strongest of apex predators like the infamous Dog Tooth Tuna. We can guide you to what is what best jigs that will best suits your needs from our vast experience personally as well as through many of our customers experiences. If there is any fish you want to target with a jig then we will have a great option to help you catch your desired species. 

Please feel free to contact us via email info@elitetackle.com.au or phone 0412 548 501 to give you guidance or an explanation on any of the great jigs we stock.

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