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TP Kustom Bran Sinking Stickbait – 120g



The TP Kustom Bran is new out on the market for 2019 and is has one of the most enticing aggressive action for a small to medium size sinking stickbait we have ever seen. For a start when this lure is paused in its motion, it has an irresistible horizontal wobble which quite often gets slammed by predators thinking its an easy meal. It has  a unique thick set shoulder section which not only looks great, but creates the aggressive action of this lure. This lure can be worked many different ways and can even be used direct slow rolling from the rod tip. This sinking stickbait will appeal to many anglers who either want to fish either int he shallows or out in the deeper fringe. Great for targeting big GT’s to small tuna species.

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