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Fifth Element Street Fighter Sinking Stickbait – 125g



The next generation in hand crafted timber lure excellence called FIFTH ELEMENT. We are the official stockists of this amazing Japanese designed lure ‘Street Fighter 125S’.¬†This amazing sinking stickbait has a the most amazing wide, strong ‘S’ shape action and responds extremely well to a ‘relaxed’ sweeping action of the rod which is great for beginners right through to the advanced. This sinking stickbait is well suited to ALL water conditions but is extremely effective when it is rough and your lure needs to work under the blanket of rough top water where the bait will be hiding. This lure comes in two different paint finishes. The first is a standard non-holographic finish, the second is a full holographic scale finish to give the lure the ultimate in reflective properties. All two finishes are made with the highest paints, holographic stickers and hardware including NT belly swivel and 3D holographic eye. This lure is great to cast and ideal for chasing pelagic species such as GT’s, Tuna, etc.

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