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Xesta Slow Emotion Flare Jig – 200g



Among the series of motions that show the predatory range of fish, which is the basic motion of slugging, and show it in a fall, Flare is a stick-type model developed with the emphasis on finely chopping resin as the most important item. In order to find out which range the fish is reacting to and which range is being eaten, the sharpened nose improves responsiveness during jerk, and even in fine pitch engraving, it slides to the left and right to encourage self-propelled running. For this reason, if a large amount of jarring is performed even for a blue object or the like that has extremely swimming power, a large slide action can be generated to be intensely appealing. In other words, if you have the width that can handle not only slow but also high pitch, it will produce a fine and fine flat fall and turn on the switch. The fish will come to this jig without hesitation when it draws out the performance of the two-sided flare with fine cuts and slides.

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