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Varivas Avani Casting PE Max Power Braid – 300m



The Varivas brand is one of the highest quality Japanese braids in the world today. Many top anglers consider this to be the most consistently smooth of all the PE braids brands and its because of this factor it’s preferred by casting and jigging anglers. The Varvivas Casting Avani MP (Max Power) is probably the most popular out of all the Varivas braid models because of its quality, thinness, silky smooth texture and extremely reasonable price tag.

Available in the colour white only.

1 review for Varivas Avani Casting PE Max Power Braid – 300m

  1. Unknown

    Must for GT fishing. I usually run PE 8 on my Saragossa 20000 but this stuff is 85lb with pe6 so I can fit more on the spool and cast much further without losing strength, plus it is easier to tie knots with than the YGK due to its softer body.

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