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TP Kustom Catelyn Floating Stickbait – 120g



TP Kustom is one of the latest lure manufacturers to hit the world market and they certainly have made a big impact amongst the sports fishing fraternity.  Elite Tackle is sole distributor for the East coast and we will be show casing more of their lure models and new designs in the future. The Catelyn ‘Cat’ was one of the first to be introduced by TP Kustom. It is a floating stickbait which is extremely easy to use and well suited to calm to medium water conditions like all floating surface lures. They sit very horizontal in the water and because of their slender front profile they are able to be worked to dive at different angles depending on the angle of the rod. At the end of the sweep they will return to the surface ready to make a disturbance to attract waiting predictors. The paint finish is extremely hard wearing and the colours are amazing with a high reflective foil to throw off lots of light. Highly recommend this lure for targeting species from Kingfish, Tuna and up to big GTs.

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