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Temple Reef STK 72M Stealth Stickbait Fishing Rod


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The Temple Reef Stealth series of stickbait rods set the standard for performance in quality, lightweight stickbait rods worldwide. The blanks are hand-made in the Smith factory in Japan using only the highest quality carbon fibre interwoven with Kevlar for added strength. These exceptionally light, strong and durable blanks are then exported to the USA where they’re custom built by expert rod builders by adding Fuji SIC guides, Fuji winch fittings and Eva grips with anodized alloy highlights.

The Stealth stickbait rods are perfect for using small to medium stickbaits and poppers for all Trevally species, Mackerel, Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Kingfish. They load up nicely with a medium action that puts lots of hurt on the fish but is forgiving on the angler. Also great to take on extended GT trips to have a break from heavier GT rods to target Jobfish, Coral Trout, Red Bass and smaller GTs. These rods represent exceptional value for money when compared with other high-end rods on the market. Also available with Fuji FK7 DPS Soft Touch Reel Seat Upgrade.

Stealth STK Series are all-purpose carbon and Kevlar composite casting rod.

Temple Reef Warranty Policy – https://templereef.com/rod-warranty/

1 review for Temple Reef STK 72M Stealth Stickbait Fishing Rod

  1. Sean

    Temple Reefer STK 78HH
    "A must have piece of kit for the stable: Temple Reef STK-78HH who knew? Having just returned from my second trip to Vanuatu with the Ocean Blue crew and I can’t say enough. They really do run a class organization and a must for the Popping and Jigging crowd full stop. Which leads me on to the STK 78HH. A stick and brand I knew little about but after 5 days on the crystal blue reefs it has supplanted the rest, I simply love this stick. Why? Where to begin, the build and finish are simply beautiful it loads up like a bull whip and casts for miles or at least 80M and sets up perfectly for midsize poppers and stick-baits of note the Hammerhead a-cups sent up metre high rooster tails and the 120G ASWB SS twitched and darted GT’s on cue. “BUT” if I’m completely honest the real difference was the weight under 300G. Like most of us that hunt GT, you most likely have the request PE8/10/12 Ripple Fisher, Carpenter or Smith with a Stella 18K, 100P JB Hollow etc. I run a Yamaga Blue Reef P8 and love it no question, but by day 2 midday throwing 185G Sticks and Poppers I was heading more and more to the STK, while my mates were heading for the Panadol and Tiger Balm. If you are into your popping and plan on making the pilgrimage to New Cal, Van, Coral Sea or some big reef, get a STK-78HH throw a Stella 10K on it and ring the dinner bell it really is a Fabulous piece of kit and let’s be honest a loaded P6 and a locked drag stops pretty much everything and so much more fun. Happy fishing".

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