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Temple Reef Innovate 80MH Fishing Rod


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Presenting the Innovate, a new concept fishing rod for jigging. Featuring a proprietary two-piece 70/30 joint design, the Innovate does what was previously impossible – it combines unrivaled action, incredible backbone, and added length for long fall presentation as well as for manoeuvrability on today’s larger long-range boats. All Innovate rods come equipped with a unique combination of flagship Fuji KW and LBD guides, allowing for the use of larger diameter leader while maintaining tangle free operation. At a mere 6oz (180g), it’s light enough to fish all day, but tough enough to stop nearly anything that swims. Whatever you’re targeting, and wherever you’re targeting it, the Innovate series has it covered.

* Signature Iridescent Finish
* 1/3 (Down Joint):
* INN-80MH – 985mm + 1520mm (Pack Length)
* Fuji KW+KT+LBD Guides
* Fuji T-DPS Reelseat


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