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Sebile Splasher Floating Popper – 90mm

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This very unique Splasher – Floating (Salt & Sun Series) is dedicated to the very large predators, it moves water as no other bait on the deep blue sea. The result is it attracts game fish from a long distance and very deep. Testing in Australia proved this was the lure that fish would hit the most when several lures were used at the same time on the same boat has accounted for numerous large GT both in Australia and Worldwide!!! This is definitely not a typical lure.


*   This lure takes the pain out of popping for big fish. Great for topwater and casting.
*   Creates a massive surface splash and popping noise for limited effort, this lures attracts big fish.
*   The effective power keel allows you to change the action of the lure instantly to get a walking splashing effect which is simply irresistible.

The Splasher combines the actions of three conventional topwater types – poppers, chuggers and walkers in one. The Splasher has a huge, deep bowl of a mouth, a blaring trumpet shaped head, a water-slicing “Power Keel” and a flattened belly in order to skate and pivot more easily on the surface. Although the head is large, the tail is thin and flat — the best shape for a fish to engulf it and get hooked securely.

All Splasher sizes can be cast a tremendous distance and can throw a huge splash for their size. When it sits in the water, the head is raised so only 30% of its mouth is in water. The other 70% of the flared cup is above the surface where it can eject huge mouthfuls of water. It has the possibility to make a giant, drenching splash if you want to let distant or deep fish know, “Hey, look at me. I am over here! Now come get me!”


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