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Nomad Heavy Duty Split Ring Fishing Pliers


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If you want the best split ring fishing pliers available anywhere in the world right now, then this is it. Rather than explain what these pliers will do, let’s look at what they WON’T do:

* They will not rust or seize up.
* The split ring pliers nose will not bend sideways and distort when you try to use them for removing hooks from fish.
* The spring that keeps them open and ready to use won’t fail, so they’ll always be open and ready in your hand when you pick them up.
* They won’t get you annoyed trying to open decent sized split rings.

Now we’ve covered the annoying features of nearly every other pair of split ring pliers on the market, lets take a look at some other features of the new Nomad Custom Split ring pliers.

* Will easily open any size split ring.
* Comes in a durable and tough pouch with lanyard.
* Cuts braid and mono easily.
* The braid cutter will keep cutting braid for a long time, and can be replaced if you ever need to (or if you decide to use it for wire cutting).
* The extra thick join means they wont distort, meaning your cutters and split ring openers will keep working always.
* The black carbon alloy tip is super strong and unlikely to snap like many other similar pliers.

Medium Pliers – Perfect for #3 to #10H Split Rings

Large Pliers –¬†Perfect for #8 to #11H Split Rings


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Nomad Heavy Duty Split Ring Fishing Pliers

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