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Luna Sea Cush-It

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Do you use a Rod and Reel to catch fish? Then a Cush-it is going to change the way you fish. Whether it’s barra fishing, GT POPPING, deep jigging, surf fishing, bluewater trolling, kayak fishing or anything in between, a Cush-it is going to make your fishing experience easier.

Have you ever felt the uncomfortable pressure of a rod butt digging into you when fighting a fish from the beach, rocks or on a boat?

Have you been frustrated that your gimble belt or fighting harness is uncomfortable, that your rod slips out all the time, or that it just doesn’t seem to work?

Have you ever dropped a rod overboard, or had someone else do this for you?

Do you fish from a kayak and can’t use a gimble belt to fight large fish?

Have you ever watched on as family, friends, or your kids struggle and grimace while fighting a fish with the rod butt jammed between their legs?

Have you ever had bruises under your arm and on your sides from a rod butt while deep jigging or popper fishing?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then a Cush-it is going to revolutionise the way you fish.

So what does a Cush-it do?

* Makes fighting fish of any size on any tackle a comfortable experience.
* Easily attaches to ALL rods in seconds, and you can fish with it on the rod, or attach it quickly while playing a fish.
* Floats most rod / reel combos if you drop them overboard.
* Makes fishing for kids much more comfortable. It’s easier for the kids to fight the fish, and easier for you to relax if they drop the rod overboard!
* It is super tough and strong, and won’t tear or breakdown in the sun. A Cush-it will probably outlast your rods and reels.

The Cush-its have been thoroughly field tested in one of Australia’s toughest fishing environments over a 6 month period, and have proven ideal for a variety of fishing scenarios. Damon Olsen tells us “When I first saw the Cush-it I knew straight away it would revolutionise the way people fish. No more clumsy gimbal belts, slack line on hook-ups or rods slipping out of gimbal belts while fishing. We use the Cush-it instead of gimbal belts on all our boats now for casting and trolling up to 50lb tackle. These things are so good that we’ve literally thrown the gimbal belts away. You can leave the medium size Cush-it on the rod while casting, and the large cush-it attaches in seconds to a troll rod when taken out of the rod holder. Using Cush-its is one of the best changes we’ve ever made.”

The Luna Sea “Cush-it” is an ultra-light, ultra-durable, ultra-versatile fish fighting aid that totally eliminates all pain caused by the butt of the rod. The “Cush-it” acts as a gimbal when sitting down giving the angler greater leverage against larger fish. It also grips on any rod handle making it easy to pass the rod form one angler to another. The ultra-tough “Cush-it” protects the angler as well as the boat.

What a great way to keep your boat free from dings and your anglers free from bruises!!!

6 reviews for Luna Sea Cush-It

  1. Darrin Leahey

    Great product its really good not have bruising where you shouldn’t, thank you.

  2. Unknown

    Not just a chunk of foam. I use this product daily offshore on my rods it not only saves your groin area when you have a big fish pumping trying to bust you off on the reef below. its also great to stick under your arm and save the ribs when playing fish that way i recommend this product to all anglers its a must have.

  3. Unknown

    Great Product for an excellent price!
    I love the CUSH-IT.. it’s great for those big days on the boat jigging & fighting the kingies and the larger fish.

  4. Steve

    Cush-it greatest thing since sliced bread. I have found the cush-it to be gentle on the family jewels when fighting the bigger fish. Also gives me something to throw at the hired help.

  5. Marty

    This was an outstanding purchase saved a lot of pain when popping and jigging under the armpits and when fighting the big ones.

  6. Dave Williams

    Orsum service with good quality advice.

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