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Jerry Brown Spliceable Hollow Core Braid – 660 yards (600mt)

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Jerry Brown Decade Hollow Core Spectra is a spliceable ‘Non PE’ braid and has become extremely popular in recent times for many reasons. Jerry Brown states that they sell their hollow core braid over standard braid 5 to 1 for a few major reasons.

1. The hollow core has a nice ‘floating’ feel when casting with it as air is trapped with in the hollow core and some say it helps gain greater distance.

2. It can lay on extremely flat and tight to the spool because the hollow core is able to ‘flatten out’ when applied with pressure. Again very desirable for those who want maximum amount of line on their reel and laid on very tightly.

3.It can be spliced braid to braid which means that if your unfortunate enough to lose a considerable amount of braid for various reasons then it is possible to splice some solid braid into the hollow core and there will be vertually no variation at that join and you can continue on with fishing.

4. It can also be spliced with your favourite leader once again eliminating any unwanted awkward knots which quite often can cause wind knots and breakages.

5. Some believe that the hollow core can ‘bend’ itself when it is down in rocks/reef etc. They say that even it has a small percent extra chance of surviving these hazardous situations then its better than having none at all.

Available in either white, yellow or multi-coloured braided line (10 different colours that change every 10 yards). The multi-coloured feature makes Jerry Brown an ideal braided fishing line for jigging and trolling. The 10 yard intervals of different colours helps you target fish at specific depths and set up trolling spreads with lures or baits and teasers at desired distances.

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1 review for Jerry Brown Spliceable Hollow Core Braid – 660 yards (600mt)

  1. Wes

    Love the Jerry Brown braid hollow core for casting as it feels really nice. Can I use this for jigging as well?

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