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Hammerhead T-Shirt



This limited edition “love & support” T-shirt (in honour of the Kummamoto earthquakes) was created by Mr Hammerhead Yoshio Maruyama in honour of the devastating Kumamoto earth quakes that occurred in 2016 that destroyed huge amounts of houses/buildings and sadly killed many people in the process. The Hammerhead factory was one of the factories that was completely destroyed and so Mr Yoshio Maruyama created this commemorative T-shirt to basically say ‘we are not beaten’ and ‘we survived this tragic event’ and also thank all those around him who have gave their support and continue to use his products. I think we all agree that Hammerhead create some of the most beautiful lures in the world and it sure would be a shame to lose such an iconic lure brand. Mr Maruyama san would like to personally say thank you to everyone for their continued support through Elite Tackle.



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