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Fifth Element X-Trail SUB SURFACE (Slow Sinking) Stickbait – 100g



NEW FOR 2022. The Fifth Element Sub Surface (Slow Sinking) stickbait is 175mm long and weighs about 100g. Unlike the original sinking X-trail which is fast sinking with an amazing horizontal fall, the SS version sits in the water tail heavy, and with the right hooks will slowly sink which enables it to be worked just below the water surface. The secret to this finely balanced lure is in the way that it sits on a 60 degree angle while slowly sinking. When the lure is pulled into action, the nose of the lure rises up and forward, keeping it perfectly in the sub water surface zone. The advantage to this lure is that it still creates a great enticing splash as a floating stickbait does, but it can also be worked in a lot rougher conditions compared to the traditional floating stickbaits. The size of this lure will appeal to so many species from big impoundment barra’s in the fresh water right up to bluewater pelagics. We first tested X-trail on shallow reef flats and it was outstanding and we knew there was something special in the making. The paint finish is superb and super strong.

The Fifth Element X-Trail Sub Surface is exclusive to Elite Tackle.

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