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6th Sense Hollow Core-X Swimbait Soft Plastics (4″, 5″, 7″)

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If you are wanting a super high quality soft plastic paddle tail swim bait that has the famous ‘hollow belly’ feature with an awesome swimming action and great physical presence in the water, then the 6th Sense Hollow Core-X™ Swimbaits are the lure for you. These amazing soft plastics were originally hand designed from a simple clay mould. After enduring rigorous testing, they have gone into full scale production due to popular demand. With custom, lifelike colour schemes and 3-D eyes, these paddle tail swimbaits have a hollow core and unique wall thickness that replicate the shimmering action of bait fish. The Core-X Swimbaits are perfect for open water rigging, weedless keel-weighted hooks, umbrella rigs, and more.


* Hollow Belly Design – creates an unparalleled vibrating, swimming action
* Custom Lifelike Baitfish Colours – each swimbait is individually hand painted to resemble the most predominate bait fish species
* Engineered Soft Plastic – the thickness of the plastic walls are specifically designed to create an irresistible swimming action at the slowest of  speeds

1 review for 6th Sense Hollow Core-X Swimbait Soft Plastics (4″, 5″, 7″)

  1. Glen

    Very happy with the service. Found it a great product. Very happy with the soft plastics. Maybe a little more diversity in the colours, but over all very happy with them.

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