Ocean Thoroughbred Raptor Floating Stickbait - 210mm

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Ocean Thoroughbred Raptor Floating Stickbait - 210mm

The Ocean Thoroughbred Raptor 210 is a wooden floating pencil stickbait which has an amazing smooth 'S' shape action. It has been weighted in rear end which enables excellent casting and will sit tail down in the water at rest. This lures is ideally suited to long sweeps of the rod in calm to medium conditions. They have a highly reflective foil finish and are produced out of Japan. Highly recommend for GT fishing etc.

Lure Weights
Stickbait Weights 65g - 120g (Medium)

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Specifications Table


  90g + or -



 Floating or sinking      


 Recommended treble hook size


 Recommended single hook size

  Inline 7/0

 Recommended split ring size


 Wire thickness




 Quality of finish



  Tight to medium 'S' shape with roll

 Water conditions best suited

  Calm to medium

 With swivel or fixed wire

  Belly swivel

 Tail wire horizontal or vertical


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