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Lamble Bait Half Pitch Jig – 160g



This new 2019 model jig has an amazing new innovative 3 x air chambers on each side of the jig that help the jig to slow flutter and suspend, especially in the deeper water. The air chamber also accentuate the flutter movement of the jig. This has been proven to increase strikes and keeps the jig in the zone a lot longer.

One of the best high quality Japanese slow pitch jigs in the world and with its unique body shape it will flutter in a horizontal position keeping it in the strike zone longer. These jigs can be used with a conventional jigging rod as well as a dedicated slow pitch jigging rod but the most important thing is that the jig weight matches the specifications of the rod so that it can impart the proper action to the jig.

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1 review for Lamble Bait Half Pitch Jig – 160g

  1. Shane

    Bought this jig to try for slow pitch jigging, I was a little bit concerned by the unusual shape, but they work awesome and it is my new favourite slow pitch jig. Will you be getting in any other colours? Thanks for the great advice Rich.

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