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Fifth Element Mag Skip Skipping Surface Lure – 120g



Fifth Element Lures have become one of the most sort after hand made lures in the world today because of their amazing quality, action, price point, durability. New to 2020 is the Mag Skip skipping pencil plug and has been perfectly weighted to be worked across the top of the water in any conditions creating an amazing erratic presence imitating fleeing bait fish which causes the most spectacular strikes. The paint finish is insane and also features the colour design to go all around this lures which is most needed for this style of lure. This lure design also allows it to be worked slowly with a ‘walk the dog’ action with pauses and even can be popped like a normal pencil popper. This lures has many functions for targeting such species like GTs, Tuna, Kingfish, Mackerel and so many more.


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