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Decoy Jigging Single JS-2 Straight Shank Hook

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The Decoy JS-2 is regarded as one of the most popular single lure hooks on the market. The Decoy Cutlass hook is super strong and features a straight shank hook with the eye of the hook running straight as well so being ideal to use belly hooks run back to back (Baker rig) as well as on the tail. A great choice for poppers and stickbaits when targeting big pelagic fish.

1 review for Decoy Jigging Single JS-2 Straight Shank Hook

  1. Sauce

    Good light weight single to replace trebles on a hard body. Rigged these on some mad mullets, big rapala clacking raps and a sebile magic swimmer. Snag proofed them with no alteration to the action. Hook up in the lip on flathead & can bring them in the yak to release. Have used these before and they hold up well in the salt. 6/0 Decoy Jigging Single is the same size as a 9/0 Owner SJ-41TN but lighter in weight and strength.

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