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my go to tool - ez knotter

One of the greatest pieces of fishing equipment that has definably improved my catch rate is my FG knotting tool and in particular the EZ Knotter. To be honest, I can’t live without this tool now and the reason being is that it creates the perfect FG knot every time, even if I’m hot, tired and have little energy to tie a new FG knot.

This tool makes it so easy every time. In the past I have lost many trophy fish from having a poorly tied FG knot or even tied some other quick inferior knot; and then hook that trophy fish and it’s all over. I will never send out a lure again knowing I have a sub-par knot, it’s just not worth it. My time on the water is to valuable, not to mention the money I have spent on my lure collection.

Learning any new knot takes a bit to get used to at first, but now I can tie an FG knot so quickly under any condition, even if its windy and the boat is rocking. The other great thing about the EZ Knotter is I could be half way into making my knot and then suddenly my mate hooks up, I can quickly fix my FG knot off, assist my mate with their fish and then come back to my FG knot easily where I last left it, and then finish it off knowing it’s going to be perfect. I would recommend watching the DVD that this tool comes with and getting some practice in before using it on the boat.

The EZ Knotter has been developed in Japan and features the latest in technology for tying the perfect FG, PR & QE knot. This amazing design knotting tool enables you to tie the perfect knot in just 3 minutes, even in a rocking boat or windy situation. Ideal for tying shock leader to braid.

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