Studio Ocean Mark (SOM) OK-55 Knotter

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Studio Ocean Mark (SOM) OK-55 Knotter

The Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Knotter is an invaluable tool that assists you in tying flawless friction knots such as the FG knot, PR knot and QE knot. By helping to maintain constant tension on the knot the likelyhood of slippage or failure is greatly reduced. Like any knot using this tool requires practice but once mastered is fast and effective. 


You can do it faster than by hand,and keep line strength up and over 80% !!



The fastest,easiest way to tye up your line system, and with these soft rubber rings coated with tree oil you will not damage your line in any way !! STRESS FREE !!

*We recommend using between 6-25lb leader line. Anything thicker or thinner than these recommeneded thicknesses we cannot guarentee.



Compared to earlier knotters, our knotter is easy to use,even when you are finishing you knot off with half hitches. Knot tying made easy!! You may also use our knotter when finishing off other knots that involves using half hitches such as PR,FG and midknots.

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