Vibing Lures

Vibing Lures

Vibration Lures or Vibes as they are commonly refereed to are a thin profiled short bibless 'Blade' type lure made from either metal, rubber or timber. They are specifically weighted to fall quickly in the water column and when retrieved have a tight vibrating motion. They are very effective especially when the fish are shut down as they can be worked in the strike zone for longer periods of time. They also can be worked in areas where the fish are holding in deep and tight to structure and are not in an active feeding mood. 

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FCL Labo Teibou Vibe 250mm HD

The Teibou Vibe is a fast sinking vibrating lure that is ideal for targeting fish in all depths of the water column. The lure can be used by casting and retrieving so that it is worked under the surface with short lifts of the rod or it can be used by letting it sink to the bottom and then with ..

$68.95 Ex Tax: $62.68

Jazz Deka Bokun Vibe Blade - 50g -25 %

Jazz Deka Bokun Vibe Blade - 50g

The Jazz Deka Bokun is a metal blade/vibe style lure. These lures work by creating an energetic vibration that radiates throughout the entire water column and are the perfect search lure. Equipped with four tow points and W hooks to minimise hooking snags.  Fish them as a se..

$25.95 $19.45 Ex Tax: $17.68