Trolling Hooks

Trolling Hooks

The trolling hooks we have listed here are the only brands/models that we stand behind that have been tested to handle the shock from a fish strike while trolling. 

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone 0412 548 501 to discuss what rod best suits your sports fishing needs.

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Owner Jobu Hook

Ideal for poppers, stickbaits and trolling these hooks are built to tackle the biggest meanest fish in any ocean. Big game trolling enthusiasts will find these hooks ideal for custom rigging large baits and skirted lures. Popper fisherman will love these as a tail hook or a pair bakered on the belly..

$20.75 Ex Tax: $18.86

Owner Stinger SJ-41TN Hook

The Owner SJ-41TN is a super strong hook ideal for many popping and jigging situations. Great for assist rigs for use on deepwater jigs and also very good for baker rigging and single hook rigging on poppers and stickbaits...

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

Owner Treble ST-41BC Hook -30 %

Owner Treble ST-41BC Hook

SizeQuantity Per Pack88..

$11.95 $8.37 Ex Tax: $7.61