Storage / Fishing Bags

Storage / Fishing Bags

We carry a huge variety of high quality storage solutions including fully waterproof fishing bags in 25lt, 50lt and 90lt sizes, hard case fish boxes, jig wallets for storing your jigs in many different sizes and models, complete Jig bags for storing all your jigs as well as all your jigging hardware in one convenient location, extra jig sleeves to add to your jig bags as your collection grows, popper and stick bait mesh waterproof bags and lure storage rolls, reel pouches, spool pouches,  fishing chest bags, fishing back packs, fishing should bags and much more.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone 0412 548 501 to see what we have that will best suit your needs.

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Free Style Roll Jig Bag -10 %

Free Style Roll Jig Bag

Image for colour purposes only. Size will differ depending on your size choice.Can fit between 7 - 14 jigs, depending on the thickness and style of jig. ..

$24.95 $22.46 Ex Tax: $20.42

HPA Dry Duffle Bag - 50 Litre HD (Fully Water Proofed)

If you are as sick and tired as I am of salt water getting through everything even though you have all your tackle in a fishing bag on the boat then this will be of great interest to you.The HPA 50 litre duffle bag HD (hydro dry) is the perfect bag as it can be completely sealed off after all your t..

$149.00 Ex Tax: $135.45

HPA Flat Jig Storage Wallet

This fantastic HPA high quality jig wallet holds up to 54 jigs and has a velco pocket for assist hooks and other small accessories and will even hold 16 1/2" AmberJack jigs. It was newly redesigned for 2012 with handles located on the top for easy transport by the famous French company - HPA. A..

$59.95 Ex Tax: $54.50

HPA Jig King Bag

This very infamous hPa Jig King Bag is a great design that allows the option of adding to it as your tackle collection grows. The Jig King bag comes standard with 2 Jig Cards and additional Jig Cards can be purchased as you need them at very reasonable prices. The standard Jig King Bag comes with 1 ..

$115.00 Ex Tax: $104.55

HPA Mini Dry Duffle Bag - 25 Litre

The HPA duffle 25 litre waterproof bag is made from PVC coated fabric 1100 decitex material.Features:* Waterproof & non-corrosive zipper.* Large new opening. * Reinforce padded bottom inside and underneath for added protection.* Welded seams * Fully waterproof.* Double padded handle st..

$109.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

HPA Swell Fishing Bag - 50 L -10 %

HPA Swell Fishing Bag - 50 L

The HPA Swell is a fantastic waterproof bag that features 2 backpack straps and fully welded seams. The Swell Bag is intended to protect the contents of the most extreme outdoor conditions. Capacity: 50L..

$59.00 $53.10 Ex Tax: $48.27