Fifth Element Concord Diving Popper - 130g

Fifth Element Concord Diving Popper - 130g

New to the Fifth Element line up is the Concord 'diving popper' There are many diving poppers on the market these days but the Concord really does dive underwater after its initial pop with a continuous 'S' shape action. The Concord creates a generous pop and holds really well to the water due to its unique elongated design. 

Lure Weights
Popper Weights 125g + (Heavy)

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Specifications Table


  130g + or -



 Cup diameter

  38mm horizontal & 40mm vertical

 Recommended treble hook size

  5/0 or 6/0 depend hook brand

 Recommended single hook size


 Recommended split ring size


 Wire thickness




 Quality of finish



  Medium pop with continued diving action

 Water conditions best suited


 With swivel or fixed wire

  NT belly swivel

 Tail wire horizontal or vertical


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