FCL Labo SPP 220mm - Swimming Popper

FCL Labo SPP 220mm - Swimming Popper

The SPP 220 is quite unique in the fact that it is a swimming popper as it is designed to be worked sub surface. How this popper works is that on the first sweep it will pop like a normal popper, but also dive under the water with a great bubble trail with a "S" shape action like you would find with any good stickbait. It is well suited to all conditions, especially rough water so it is great for attracting attention when other lures are lost within the white water chop. This lure would be great for targeting GT's, tuna, kingfish, mackerel etc.  

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Lure Weights
Popper Weights 125g + (Heavy)

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  • Brand: FCL LABO
  • Product Code: popper
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  • $68.95
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Specifications Table


  208g + or -



 Cup diameter

  43mm top to bottom, 32mm side to side

 Recommended treble hook size


 Recommended single hook size

  Inline 13/0

 Recommended split ring size


 Wire thickness



  Strong Urethane core with resin outer layer

 Quality of finish



  Medium swimming wiggle with bubble trail

 Water conditions best suited


 With swivel or fixed wire


 Tail wire horizontal or vertical


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