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There are many products that we stock that are designed to help you catch your next trophy fish. This category contains specialised products like popping and jigging gloves, small split ring pliers, heavy duty split rings, braid scissors, knotting tools, PR bobbins, lure stands, spool bands, line / braid cutting tools, fish measuring tape, treble hook covers, cast finger gloves, lip grippers, gimbal belts, cush-it's, back support belts, spool cases, reel handle upgrades, spool upgrades, fighting belts, reel pouches, popping pads, rod socks (stick jackets), fishing DVD's & much more.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone 0412 548 501 to give you guidance or an explanation on any of the great accessories we stock.

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C&F Multi PR adjustable Bobbin & Holder CFLT-60MT -20 %

C&F Multi PR adjustable Bobbin & Holder CFLT-60MT

The CFLT-60MT Multi Bobbin Holder is a very high quality product produced by C&F Design in Japan.  The bobbin tube is made from zirconium ceramic which helps to reduce the thread from breaking. It comes with spare bobbin and is ideal for a medium to heavy work where the PR knot is used. It ..

$79.95 $63.97 Ex Tax: $58.15

CB One Fishing Gloves

These great CB One Gloves feature:* Fast drying* Extra padding on fingers for casting..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $63.59


Do you use a Rod and Reel to catch fish? Then a Cush-it is going to change the way you fish. Whether it’s barra fishing, GT POPPING, deep jigging, surf fishing, bluewater trolling, kayak fishing or anything in between, a Cush-it is going to make your fishing experience easier.Have you ever felt the ..

$29.95 Ex Tax: $27.23

Daiichi Seiko Line Breaker (Kitter)

The Daiichi Seiko link breaker (A-kitter) is an essential tool that allows you to retrieve lures and jigs when snagged solid underwater.  When using heavy line/braid (40lb+) it can be very difficult to break your line or retrieve your lure/jig without either putting great amounts of pressure on..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

HPA Ceramic Braid Scissors

These amazing scissors are super sharp and will maintain their edge for a long, long time due to the cutting edge being constructed from a ceramic material. They also won't rust and are made with the same high quality that we expect from HPA. Great for cutting braid, mono, FC, assist cord & much..

$43.95 Ex Tax: $39.95

HPA Long Nose Pliers Out Of Stock

HPA Long Nose Pliers

We have been searching for a long time for a set of long nose pliers that are made with quality stainless steel components, that won't rust. Finally HPA have produced such a product. These pliers are a must have for any fisherman, whether you are targeting barramundi or GT's as it keeps your hand at..

$87.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

HPA MINI Split Ring Pliers

HPA now offer a mini version of the original HPA split ring pliers. They offer the same great quality, just a smaller version measuring 14cm in length.Opens 50lb to 250lb split rings.Includes: quality black pouch to secure and protect the pliers...

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

HPA Split Ring Pliers Out Of Stock

HPA Split Ring Pliers

Fantastic quality HPA split ring pliers forged from top quality 316TN french stainless steel and includes the pouch and lanyard.Opens 50lb to 300lb split rings.Includes: quality black pouch to secure and protect the pliers...

$79.95 Ex Tax: $72.68

Jigging / Casting Fishing Gloves

Tight short mesh type Japanese glove to enable free wrist movement while casting and jigging. These gloves feature a high quality thin and sensitive material with reinforced leather pad protections on the casting fingers. Protection when tying off shock leaders and fine mesh for resistance to hook s..

$69.95 Ex Tax: $63.59

Jigstar Fishing Gloves

These great Jigstar gloves feature:* Fast drying* Extra padding on fingers for casting* Velcro strap for wrist adjustmentImage colour of glove is for display purposes only...

$63.00 Ex Tax: $57.27

Kahara Lure Display Stand

Ideal for showing off your favourite lures.Approximate size: 1.75" (l) x 1.25" (w) x 1.5"(h)Quantity: 5 per pack..

$13.95 Ex Tax: $12.68

MC Works Gimbal Belt

The MC Works TT Gimbal Belt is known as one of the best fighting gimbal belts in the world. The belt features:* Great ergonomic comfortable design which is very important for long fights* Extremely light weight* High quality, strong material, yet very flexible to assist with body movement* Fully adj..

$229.00 Ex Tax: $208.18

MC Works PR Bobbin 2 with harness - heavy duty silver model -20 %

MC Works PR Bobbin 2 with harness - heavy duty silver model

MC Works were the first ever in the world to produce the PR Bobbin and it is still considered the best in the world today. If you want to tie a perfect PR knot or variation of, then you will need a great knotting aid like the PR Bobbin. It is a high quality Japanese made bobbin produced from superio..

$59.00 $47.20 Ex Tax: $42.91

Nature Boys Rod Case Out Of Stock

Nature Boys Rod Case

The Nature Boys rod case is one of the most sort after high quality STRONG rod storage system in the world. They are extremely hard to come by and are almost unheard of in Australia.They are made in Japan by the famous Nature Boys company and produced from recycled car bumper material which makes th..

$410.00 Ex Tax: $372.73

Nomad Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers

If you want the best split ring pliers available anywhere in the world right now, then this is it. Rather than explain what these pliers will do, let's look at what they WON'T do:* They will not rust or seize up.* The split ring pliers nose will not bend sideways and distort when you try to use them..

$99.99 Ex Tax: $90.90

Stick Jackets

These awesome rod jackets will cover any of the large popping, stick bait and jigging rods but also all your micro jigging, light spinning and barra rods. They are perfect for when you want to put a collection of rods in your rod tube as the tough polyethylene fibre enables the rods to carefully sli..

$11.95 Ex Tax: $10.86

Studio Ocean Mark (SOM) OK-55 Knotter -10 %

Studio Ocean Mark (SOM) OK-55 Knotter

The Studio Ocean Mark Ocean Knotter is an invaluable tool that assists you in tying flawless friction knots such as the FG knot, PR knot and QE knot. By helping to maintain constant tension on the knot the likelyhood of slippage or failure is greatly reduced. Like any knot using this tool requires p..

$69.00 $62.10 Ex Tax: $56.45

Temple Reef Pliers & PE Scissor Set

The new Temple Reef split ring pliers & scissor set.Includes: quality black pouch to secure and protect the pliers & scissors...

$84.95 Ex Tax: $77.23

Temple Reef Reel Pouch

These fantastic Temple Reef reel pouches protect the reel on the rod and comes in various sizes.Features:* Padded* WP Zippers* Reel Stem Slot* Splash ProofSmall - Shimano 6000 / Daiwa 3500Medium - Shimano 14000 / Daiwa 6000Note: The reel must be taken out of the reel seat to install or take off the ..

$32.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Treble Safety Hook Cover

Protective plastic covers for treble hooks and feature an "easy grip" clip system inside the treble cover that ensures the hook stays fast within the cover. Great for storing all your lures and jigs in their storage containers without getting tangled up and getting nasty hook points sticking out...

$3.95 Ex Tax: $3.59

Varivas Fishing Gloves (VAG-20) Out Of Stock

Varivas Fishing Gloves (VAG-20)

These great Varivas gloves feature:* Fast drying* Extra padding on fingers for casting* Velcro strap for wrist adjustmentSize: LColour: Blue..

$69.00 Ex Tax: $62.73

YGK Heat Line Cutter

This NEW line cutting and finishing off tool, produced by the famous Japanese company YGK uses the latest technology to create this handy rechargeable cutting tool that uses heat to cut and finish off any of your knots including FG, PR knots etc.It has a structure that is hard to break and comes wit..

$69.00 Ex Tax: $62.73