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Barramundi > Trolling Lures

Trolling can be a very effective method for many sports fisherman to locate pelagic species in a quick amount of time. We have fully dedicated trolling lures but we some of our casting stickbaits lures can be also used for trolling purposes especially when you want to run a lure just under the water when the apex predictors have pushed bait schools to the surface. You can find all the lures here in this section and then refine your tab to select lure weights best suited to your rod specifications or fishing needs.

Please feel free to contact us via email or phone 0412 548 501 to discuss what rod best suits your sports fishing needs.

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Jackall Pony Tail 120 Floating Stickbait - 35g

The Ponytail 120 by Jackall is one of the most amazing diving lures to hit the market today. Firstly, the brilliant thing is about this lure is its ability to be used in heavy timber and be snag free. The long bib enables the lure to hit any submerged object like timber and then roll over the top of..

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