Skipjack Surface Lure - 60g

Skipjack Surface Lure - 60g

The Skipjack is a very versatile surface lure as it can be chugged or fast burned across the surface. Especially useful for prospecting large fish holding areas or for when the GT's are a bit shy. It makes a big pop when chugged, leaves a long bubble trail on a straight, fast retrieve and casts extremely well. This lure can be fished all day with minimum angler fatigue and the hits it draws, when fast burned across the surface, have to be seen to be believed! Also effective on Queenfish, Mackeral, Wahoo and Kingfish.  


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Lure Weights
Popper Weights 30g - 75g (Light)
Skipping / Surface Lures Weights 25g - 75g (Light)

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Specifications Table


  60g + or -



 Cup diameter


 Recommended treble hook size


 Recommended single hook size

  4/0 or 5/0

 Recommended split ring size


 Wire thickness




 Quality of finish



  Top skipping or small pop with smoke trail

 Water conditions best suited


 With swivel or fixed wire

  Belly swivel

 Tail wire horizontal or vertical


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