Red Sea Drifter Surface Lure - 60g

Red Sea Drifter Surface Lure - 60g

The Drifter is a beautifully hand-carved popper which also doubles up as an incredible skipping surface lure. Even thought the cup face is relatively small compared to other poppers, it creates a great deep bloop with generous splash. The unique shape of the body and angle cupface make this lure very easy to use and holds extremely well in rough water. As a skipping lure, this is now one of my favourites as it is darts in and out of the surface chop and creates an amazing disturbance with bubble trail. This is incredibly irritable to pelagic fish that are feeding on topwater baitfish.



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Lure Weights
Popper Weights 30g - 75g (Light)
Skipping / Surface Lures Weights 30g - 75g (Light)

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