Nomad Riptide Slow Sinking Stickbait - 200mm - 100g (Pre-rigged)

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Nomad Riptide Slow Sinking Stickbait - 200mm - 100g (Pre-rigged)

The Riptide 200mm slow sinking stickbait is the ultimate sub surface stickbait for kingfish, GT's, tuna and mackerel. It has been designed to suspend when paused on the retrieve to mimic a wounded baitfish. The placement of the internal weights creates an incredible side to side action, with the lure turning nearly 180 degrees when twitched in a walk the dog style retrieve. It can be fished fast or slow in rough or calm water and is an extremely versatile lure with a variety of retrieve styles. Featuring a machine-stamped stainless steel plate and full body foam core construction, it is one of the toughest stickbait available, and is up to any challenge.  

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