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Nature Boys Paulownia Stickbait -10 %

Nature Boys Paulownia Stickbait

These fantastic hardwood lures float on a angle of 45 degrees when you start to work them and are suited to rough or choppy conditions.They swim with a larger slide of the rod in a slow action and create a continuous dog walk and flashing to the lure with a left and right in the fast jerk action. A ..

$89.95 $80.95 Ex Tax: $73.59

Nature Boys Rod Case Out Of Stock

Nature Boys Rod Case

The Nature Boys rod case is one of the most sort after high quality STRONG rod storage system in the world. They are extremely hard to come by and are almost unheard of in Australia.They are made in Japan by the famous Nature Boys company and produced from recycled car bumper material which makes th..

$410.00 Ex Tax: $372.73

Nature Boys Watarigarus 160 Floating Stickbait Out Of Stock

Nature Boys Watarigarus 160 Floating Stickbait

The Watarigarasu 160F stickbait manufactured by Nature Boys might have an unusual name but it is a highly effective medium size stickbait. It features a blunt style nose and is great when worked with short sharp jerks, which will create a very erratic swimming action. This stickbait is only shal..

$36.95 Ex Tax: $33.59