Jigging Hooks / Assist Rigs (Pre-Made)

Jigging Hooks / Assist Rigs (Pre-Made)

Elite Tackle stock a huge variety of different hooks (single & trebles), swivels, rings (solid & split rings) & assist hooks. As we specialise in jigging and surface lure products, we have so many different terminal tackle options for you choose from. We have trebles from the smallest of sizes, right up to the biggest sizes available to target the biggest of apex predators in barbed and barbless options. We have a great vast range of inline single hooks as well as jigging hooks to make your own assist rigs. 

We also have pre-made assist of many different styles and models to suit all of your jigging needs like slow pitch jigging, deep jigging and micro jigging. We have a great variety of split rings from size 2, right up to size 11H. We also carry many different solid rings as well as the NT Swivel from size 4, right up to 5/0 which is regarded by many as the highest quality swivel in the world. We have speciality hardware for jigging, like double ring & grommets, hook jigging skirts, knot sleeve, jigging wire trace & much more. 

Please feel free to contact us via email info@elitetackle.com.au or phone 0412 548 501 for rigging tips and different options available to set your lures up. 

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Decoy Twin Pike Assist Hook DJ-88 -10 %

Decoy Twin Pike Assist Hook DJ-88

The Decoy Twin Pike Assist is very famous in its own right as the 'Pike' style hook is extremely strong for its gauge, size and shape with great penetration ability. The assist cord is also very strong with reinforced attachment for added durability. The twin double hook set is ideal for all types o..

$9.95 $8.97 Ex Tax: $8.15

Xesta Assist Hook Claw (W Claw Hold Tune) -30 %

Xesta Assist Hook Claw (W Claw Hold Tune)

Great for all your micro jigging assist needs...

$9.95 $6.97 Ex Tax: $6.34