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Gamakatsu Assist 60 Ultimate Spec Hook - HD

This the heaviest in the Gamakatsu range of jigging assists. It features a heavy duty braided assist cord (red) with stainless steel solid ring. The hook itself is a great unique shape and designed for awesome hook setting on all those big pelagic's. Designed for targeting big Dog Tooth Tuna etc. If..

$5.95 Ex Tax: $5.41

Gamakatsu Assist 64 Kinkai Medium Double Hook -30 %

Gamakatsu Assist 64 Kinkai Medium Double Hook

The Gamakatsu Assist 64 is a medium heavy high quality TWIN assist rig. It is a lighter gauge than the Gamakatsu assist 62 model and is perfect for chasing any bottom to mid water dwelling species like Amberjack, Red Emperor, Nannygai, King fish etc. The hook is extremely strong and sharp and has gr..

$16.95 $11.87 Ex Tax: $10.79

Gamakatsu EX II Wire Leader

For anyone who is jigging and sick of getting cut of by toothy pelagics like Mackerel etc then this is a must see. The EX II wire leader is 20cms long and goes in between the jig and the leader where most times is where the jig is bitten off. It is made from high quality hardware and comes in a rang..

$5.95 Ex Tax: $5.41

Gamakatsu GT Recorder Treble 24 - Barbless

The Gamakatsu GT Recorder BARBLESS treble has been around for a very long time and has set the benchmark for being the ultimate strength treble available. Many still regard this as the most powerful treble on the market today and the only hook to use when targeting big power fish all over the world...

$85.95 Ex Tax: $78.14

Gamakatsu Single Hook 62 Vertical Heavy Hook -30 %

Gamakatsu Single Hook 62 Vertical Heavy Hook

The Gamakatsu 62 Vertical Hook is a an awesome HEAVY straight shank hook perfect for using on all your poppers and stickbaits either as a tail single hook or 2 hooks zip tied back to back on the belly. This is possible because of the straight shank and no off-set eye and the extra length in the shan..

$10.95 $7.67 Ex Tax: $6.97

Gamakatsu Treble 16 Hook -30 %

Gamakatsu Treble 16 Hook

These high quality trebles feature chemically sharpened points and are very strong. This model is equivalent to Owner ST-66 stinger treble, for instance, Gamakatsu Treble 16 5/0 is equivalent to Owner ST-66 5/0...

$14.50 $10.15 Ex Tax: $9.23

Gamakatsu Treble RB-MH Hook -30 %

Gamakatsu Treble RB-MH Hook

ONE SIZE ONLYSize 6 : Quantity 6..

$17.95 $12.57 Ex Tax: $11.43

Gamakatsu Treble SP-M Hook -30 %

Gamakatsu Treble SP-M Hook

ONE SIZE ONLYSize 8 : Quantity 6..

$14.95 $10.47 Ex Tax: $9.52

Gamakatsu Treble SP-MH Hook -40 %

Gamakatsu Treble SP-MH Hook

Size 5 : Quantity 6Size 7 : Quantity 6..

$25.95 $15.57 Ex Tax: $14.15

Gamakatsu Treble SP-XH Hook -40 %

Gamakatsu Treble SP-XH Hook

Size 1 : Quantity 6Size 2 : Quantity 6Size 3 : Quantity 6Size 1/0 : Quantity 5Size 2/0 : Quantity 5Size 3/0 : Quantity 5Size 4/0 : Quantity 5..

$25.95 $15.57 Ex Tax: $14.15

Gamakatsu Tuned Hook

The Gamakatsu Tuned Single Jigging hook has been specifically designed for jigging purposes. The gauge of hook is extremely strong and features a unique curve in the hook which is well know for creating a great hook set. It also has a slightly off set eye which is ideal for making assist rigs with. ..

$12.95 Ex Tax: $11.77