FCL Labo Nasup 280 Floating Surface Plug

FCL Labo Nasup 280 Floating Surface Plug

The Nasup skipping plug is one of the best skipping surface lures on the market. Simply cast it out into the strike zone and with the rod tip placed at 45 degrees bring back with a steady wind. Also the lure responds well to a pulsating type motion which also allows the lure to dive in and out of the water surface as you would in a walk-the-dog type action. This is great in all conditions and is one of the few lures that can be cast past the strike zone and brought back through.

Lure Weights
Skipping / Surface Lures Weights 125g + (Heavy)

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  • Brand: FCL LABO
  • Product Code: Surface Lure, Stickbait
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Available Options

Specifications Table


  198g + or -



 Floating or sinking      


 Recommended treble hook size


 Recommended single hook size

  Inline 11/0

 Recommended split ring size


 Wire thickness



  Strong Urethane core with resin outer layer

 Quality of finish



  Skittering surface with erratic diving

 Water conditions best suited


 With swivel or fixed wire


 Tail wire horizontal or vertical


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