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Decoy Jigging In-Line Single JS-1 Hook

Decoy Hooks Sergeant Single Hook is an 'in-line' reverse eye forged 6X to 8X hook with the same wide gape as the JS-2 and finished in nickel and tin plated for added strength and anti-corrosion features. This hook is ideal for running on any surface lures including poppers and stickbaits because of ..

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Decoy Jigging Single JS-2 Straight Shank Hook

The Decoy JS-2 is regarded as one of the most popular single lure hooks on the market. The Decoy Cutlass hook is super strong and features a straight shank hook with the eye of the hook running straight as well so being ideal to use belly hooks run back to back (Baker rig) as well as on the tail. A ..

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Decoy JS-5 Inline Single

The Decoy Casting Sigle JS-5 is a heavy duty inline single hook and is extremely strong. The Decoy JS-5 features an inline welded eyelet that runs parallel to the hooks shank. It is built stronger than the Decoy JS-1 and is excellent on light or heavy tackle...

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Decoy Split Rings (Heavy Duty)

These Decoy Heavy class split rings are famous for not only their great strength, but their ability to retract back to their original shape after a hook has been attached. They are made from forged hypower stainless steel and finished with an anti-corrosion finish to make it into a strong durable sp..

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Decoy Twin Pike Assist Hook DJ-88

The Decoy Twin Pike Assist is very famous in its own right as the 'Pike' style hook is extremely strong for its gauge, size and shape with great penetration ability. The assist cord is also very strong with reinforced attachment for added durability. The twin double hook set is ideal for all types o..

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Decoy Y-S82 Super Heavy Duty Treble Hook

The Decoy Y-S82 is for heavy duty saltwater fishing. Shaved eye for ease of installing split ring. Super strong and light weight. ..

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