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Varivas Power Round Twin Assist Hook Rig – Ex Short

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The Varivas Power Round Twin Assist rig is new for 2017 and from our initial testings we consider this to be the ultimate twin assist rig for jigging Australian waters for so many reasons.

1. For a start they come in ideal lengths (ex-short, short, medium, long) which is perfect from all sizes of jigs from the short slow pitch jigs right up to the longer knife jigs. The extra-short model is perfect when you are wanting to run 2x twin assist rigs on either end of the shorter style jigs like butterfly jigs or slow pitch jigs and you dont want either end tangling with each other.

2. The assist accord is the perfect gauge and is heavier enough to handle the rough abrasive mouths of big predator fish like Red Emperor but light enough to be freely swinging to have maximum hook up rate.

3. The hook gauge is the perfect right thickness to have amazing hook strength to handle the big fish but doesn’t compromise hook penetration from the hook being too thick.

4. The hook point is so sharp and strong and on one of our tests we had the hook point penetrate through the jaw bone of one of our reef fish.

This twin assist rig is designed to be used with jigs from 60g – 250g depending on the thickness of the jig. They come packaged with 2 x twin assists (4 hooks) and rigged with a solid ring ready to be attached to the split ring on the jig. A great option for when targeting such species as Trout, Nannygai, Red Emperor, trevally species, Amberjack, Snapper, Kingfish, Dhue fish etc. 

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