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Temple Reef Reefer 711-10 Stickbait / Popping Fishing Rod (Dual Purpose)


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The Temple Reef “Reefer” series fishing rods have been designed for targeting big predatory fish like GTs, Tuna etc. The ‘Reefer’ series are primarily a stickbait rod but they have the added benefit that they can also be used as a dual purpose stickbait/popping rod if the lure weight is dropped down when using poppers. As a general rule of thumb the perfect size stickbait for these types of rods is 20% less than the maximum rating and poppers are usually 20% less than this again. So for the Reefer 711 stickbaits around the 130g – 150g are perfectly suited and poppers around the 100g – 120g are also well suited. The Reefer rods feature a medium fast taper with quite a soft tip but they have a very strong back bone.

Reefer 711-10

Best matched with a 18000 (Shimano) or 7000 (Daiwa) reel and PE8-10 line. This model is suitable for a wide range of applications in different terrains and conditions.

Temple Reef Rod Warranty – https://templereef.com/rod-warranty/


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