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Synotek SLOW PITCH Jig Bundle Value Pack 2: 120g – 150g


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These awesome jig bundle value packs come complete with 10 x jigs, jig wallet and all jigs are completely rigged with high quality Synotek Twin Assist hooks and CB One split rings (the colours for ALL jigs will be chosen by our team subject to availability). These packs are great value and you will save big $$$ as well as not having to worry about matching hooks to the jigs.

SYNOTEK has become one of the biggest high quality JIG product specialists in the world today and what we have seen from this company so far has been truly amazing. When you consider quality Vs price point we have found nothing else compares anywhere in the world. For the last 3 years we have been working with SYNOTEK to come up with a range of jigs with an amazing unique paint pattern design called DIAMOND SCALE. This unique paint feature which emulates a REALISTIC LATERAL LINE SCALE PATTERN, we have proven that it gains more interest from so many fish species compared to the standard paint designs seen everywhere these days on jigs. The SYNOTEK slow pitch jig range has been hand selected by the Elite Tackle team and the 4 different jig models available have been tried and tested already catching so many of our great Ozzi fish species like Red Emperor, Snapper, Trout, Nannygai, Fingermark and more. The whole secret to these jigs is their amazing action that we have spent countless hours studying through underwater testing & videos to learn what gets the ultimate attention from our ozzi reef fish. The SUB ZERO jig has a medium to fast fall rate and when it is worked properly it will flutter side to side with erratic slide movements which so many fish species find irresistible. This jig is ideal in medium to fast currents and and has proven to get interest even when the fish are being fussy. These jigs can be used on a dedicated slow pitch jig rod OR a conventional jigging rod but most important is that the jigging rod used suits the weight of your jig.

SYNOTEK Jigs have the following  quality features:
* stringent testing of each model to target specific fish species
* high quality paint with epoxy finish
* unique GLOW DIAMOND SCALE lateral line pattern
* holographic eye
* quality attachment wire points
* name and weight on each jig


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