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Synotek Razor Back Speed Style Jig – 250g

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The centre weighted Razor Back is a very unique jig as it can be used as a full dedicated slow pitch jig or as a speed jig in all drift speeds. The unique design features a 3D back bone that holds and traps air creating bubbles under different jigging methods.  When used for slow pitch jigging the jig responds well to small slight pitching of the rod but when in forward motion the jig flutters and slides leaving a bubble trail that causes great interest from predatory fish. Quite often the jig will sit in a flat position staying in the strike zone longer than any conventional butterfly jigs. A variety of jigging methods can used as a slow pitch jig from fast short jerks with pauses, small rhythmic mechanical lifts to long slow lifts without any sudden jerks. When used for speed jigging the jig responds well to the fast speed darting from side to side with trailing bubbles due to its streamlined shape.

SYNOTEK has become one of the biggest high quality JIG product specialists in the world today and what we have seen from this company so far has been truly amazing. When you consider quality Vs price point we have found nothing else compares anywhere in the world. For the last 3 years we have been working with SYNOTEK to come up with a range of jigs with an amazing unique paint pattern design called DIAMOND SCALE. This unique paint feature which emulates a REALISTIC LATERAL LINE SCALE PATTERN, we have proven that it gains more interest from so many fish species compared to the standard paint designs seen everywhere these days on jigs. The SYNOTEK HIGH SPEED JIG range has been hand selected by the Elite Tackle team and the 5 different jig models available have been tried and tested already catching so many great fish species like the ultimate predator in the ocean the Dogtooth Tuna. The whole secret to these jigs is their amazing action that we have spent hours studying through underwater testing & videos to learn what gets the ultimate attention from aggressive predator fish. The RAZOR BACK JIG has been specifically designed to target fast moving pelagic species and can be worked extremely fast or quite slow depending on the fishes feeding needs. One side features a 3D centre eye while the other side has a unique herringbone raised section running the whole way down the jig. This allows the jig to create a great bubble trail when worked at speed but also when pitched slowly it will slide erratically often enticing bites from the fussiest of eaters. Ideal for targeting monster Dog Tooth Tuna and all Tuna species, King fish, Mackerel etc but also all REEF species as it has a great flutter when worked slow.

SYNOTEK Jigs have the following  quality features:
* Stringent testing of each model to target specific fish species
* High quality paint with epoxy finish
* Unique GLOW DIAMOND SCALE lateral line pattern
* 3D resin holographic eye
* Quality attachment wire points
* Name and weight on each jig


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