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Owner Stinger ST-76TN (5X) Treble Hook



Owner ST-76TN 5X Treble Hooks are the biggest, baddest big game treble hook on the market today. They are the treble by which all others are judged when it comes to fitting out large poppers and stick baits for GT popping.

Owner Stinger ST-76 Treble Hooks are finished with a corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish, three super sharp “power points”, short shanks, and are without doubt the strongest treble available today.

1 review for Owner Stinger ST-76TN (5X) Treble Hook

  1. Joel Grace

    The One hook to Rule them all!
    I have always used 66’s until I was smashed big time. The guide laughed and said we on use 76’s here!!! Enough said!!

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