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Owner Stinger ST-66TN (4X) Treble Hook



Owner ST-66TN 4X Treble Hooks are the best all round treble to use for general purpose GT popping. Extremely strong yet not as heavy as the super-tough ST-76 they penetrate easily and will get maximum action out of poppers and stickbaits. Perfect for use on lines up to PE8.

Owner stinger ST-66TN treble hooks are finished with a corrosion-resistant vacuum-tinned finish, three super sharp “power points”, short shanks, and are without doubt the most popular popping treble available today.

1 review for Owner Stinger ST-66TN (4X) Treble Hook

  1. Johnny Mitchell

    These hooks are very strong, typical of Owner trebles. They are matched with that sharp, well tapered hook point that ever so often finds its mark. I like the entire Owner range. The ST-66TN 4/0 is well suited to the poppers I carry on charter. They are durable and the point can easily be re-honed if ever damaged from a hard mouthed fish.

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