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Nomad Chug Norris Popper – 120mm (Pre-rigged)

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The Chug Norris 120mm floating was designed to be the ultimate popper. Nomad believes it captures all the best attributes of a popper, and they have put years of experience and effort into designing what they believe is the ideal GT Popper. It takes minimal effort to pop, it makes that awesome slurping / ripping noise that you want to hear from a popper, and you get maximum reward from effort. It hangs in the water incredibly well and casts like a bullet. The awesome wiggle it gets when popped is also rather sexy.

Built from high impact new technology ABS plastic with the highest strength to weight ratio you’ll find in any lure manufacturing material. Built with an extra thick outer shell body, foam filled body and a full stainless machine stamped metal plate.

* Pre-rigged.
* New super tough HD ABS plastic body.
* Machine stamped full metal plate.
* Foam filled body.
* 4 coatings of super tough clear coat.
* Bright red cup colour on all models.


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