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Megabass I-Slide 185 Slow Sinking Plastic

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Megabass continues to produce amazing quality lures and the i-slide bibless swim bait is no exception. Incorporating advanced engineering features the Megabass I Slide 185 takes S-motion swimbaits to a whole new level. Whether it’s fished fast or slow, the Megabass I Slide 185 delivers a naturalized swimming action with a straight retrieve, but keeps a trick up its sleeve for when big predators begin to follow – a can move in a full 360-degree turn.

Built to deliver a big looping turn with a hard twitch, the Megabass I Slide 185 will momentarily dart out of the sight of predators, double-back, and then return front-and-center to complete the circle. Unlike anything bass have ever seen, the Megabass I Slide 185 is made to draw strikes from big, oftentimes more cautious bass.

* Soft rubber tail
* Realistic 3D eye
* Super high quality paint finish
* Magnetic hold for belly hook
* Super sharp strong hooks

Length: 185mm
Weight: 2oz


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